These are some of the Projects I have currently in the works...

I am using Rhino's Height field conversion from 2D images to 3D.

Escher's Dragon
MC Escher's Dragon is incredible art work!

This is a Rhino Height field Conversion using a 2D Image it creates a 3D Surface
Escher Dragon in Desk Proto with Tool Path Calculated
This the Escher Dragon Cut on the Pocket NC.
I've yet to machine Argentium Silver without some micro chips fusing into the nooks and crannies while cutting the part. I believe there is lots of hidden detail will come out after bead blast.

Billy Jack Hobo Nickel
Buffalo Nickel with DATE and LIBERTY Mask Outline
Buffalo Nickel Height field Pre MeshTrim in Rhino
Buffalo Nickel Height field with DATE and LIBERTY Rhino MeshTrim applied
Buffalo Nickel Height field with DATE and LIBERTY Ready for CAM
Buffalo Nickel Desk Proto Import ready for Tool Path
Buffalo Nickel Desk Proto Import with Tool Path Calculated

Billy Jack machined on the Pocket NC

Escher's Leaf and Droplette
Escher's Leaf and Droplet

Escher's Leaf & Droplet Rhino Height field Surface

This is the Enamel that I will apply to fill the nooks and crannies. It's going to look quite fresh! Next I'll create the water droplet with a high polish of the silver so it actually reflect back at you but also will be covered in clear enamel like a water drop. Trust this is going to rock it!

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