PNC Tool Development

Tools In Development
This is a KOPF Interface Plate:
This interface plate is for the Pocket NC. It is made of Aluminum and mounts directly to the PNC Table. It's 1/8" thick with precision tapped clamp holes at a constant 1/4" US grid. It retains the original PNC hole pattern to use the PNC Vise. I'm testing a very unique addition. To allow cutting a part mounted directly on this surface AND cut to the bottom of the part net to the fixture top surface. Effectively cutting your part free. Many CAM systems use small glue tabs feature to hold a part like this.  Now the magic is a specific grade urethane layer added on the top surface of the fixture plate. Aka a self healing surface you can cut just up to. Much like an X-Acto cutting mat.
In the example below you can see the PNC Vise and some nest plates along with thrust drivers. This will allow parts of any size to be run on the Pocket NC.

Below is a KOPF Smart Centering Chuck design.
It has a few unique features designed for a desktop CNC Mill. 
1) It is super low profile.
2) It has a wide clamping range of 4" down to 1/4"
3) It uses sliding jaws that are surface mount and reversible.
4) The clamp slides don't have to be removed to reverse the jaws.
5) A wide variety of jaws can be used short to tall,  metal and urethane.
6) It uses a standard self locking taper converted to radial system.
7) It's made of cool materials like Brass and Titanium.
8) The Optional KOPF Interface Plate mounts directly on top, or be used by itself.

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  1. Randy, what is the other software you use to program cnc paths on the PocketNC? A windows base program that can do more advanced paths?