Friday, May 6, 2016

Mitee-Grip Plate for Pocket NC

Mitee-Grip is a special way to hold parts and machine them without the traditional clamps. This special version is designed for use with the Pocket NC.
Fusion 360 CAM  Tool Path for the KOPF PNC Mitee-Grip Plate

KOPF-PNC Mitee-Grip Unit ready to use on the Pocket NC
It allows cutting 3D Relief parts without cutting into the actual table
This is what you can cut on this unit. If you look close you can see the tool cut to the Mitee-Grip Mesh Adhesive layer without actually hitting that actual table. The part is held entirely in place by the Mitee-Grip adhesive. Allowing the part to be cut without typical clamps.
What is important to understand is this brass part is cut free yet still held in place waiting for removal. And the machine table was never actually touched with a cutter.

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