Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Billy Jack Hobo Nickel machined on Pocket NC

Billy Jack is an American Folklore Independent Movie Hero created by Tom Laughlin and supporting actress and wife Delores Taylor.
So this has been a work in process. A close friend said once when asked: "Did you hit the target Mister Todd Musgrave? He always replied: "I'm missing it closer!" I've been on this particular project for a few months exploring possibilities on how to make this particular Hobo Nickel. Not because I had any issue machining it, that is my forte... The reason is this particular design is very intricate. And it is too busy to adequately get the proper detail to do the art justice. But I was determined to cut this piece. Why? It must be done folks. Ok nuff said!
I am confident that the next iteration will "miss it closer!"
The date really needs to be 1931 to honor Tom Laughlin the year he was born.
Yeah he's that guy! Don't mess with him... Unless you like a solid roundhouse to the face!

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