Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Billy Jack Hobo Nickel machined on Pocket NC

Billy Jack is an American Folklore Independent Movie Hero created by Tom Laughlin and supporting actress and wife Delores Taylor.
So this has been a work in process. A close friend said once when asked: "Did you hit the target Mister Todd Musgrave? He always replied: "I'm missing it closer!" I've been on this particular project for a few months exploring possibilities on how to make this particular Hobo Nickel. Not because I had any issue machining it, that is my forte... The reason is this particular design is very intricate. And it is too busy to adequately get the proper detail to do the art justice. But I was determined to cut this piece. Why? It must be done folks. Ok nuff said!
I am confident that the next iteration will "miss it closer!"
The date really needs to be 1931 to honor Tom Laughlin the year he was born.
Yeah he's that guy! Don't mess with him... Unless you like a solid roundhouse to the face!

Monday, May 9, 2016

WoW MoM WoW! Gary Swank really delivers the goods!

So I got a really special priority mail package today from Gary Swank Jewelers in Portland Oregon. If you are looking for some exceptional rings visit he will satisfy your needs for sure!!! The Banana Ring Cluster design was done by Jesse Kaufman and it is quite stellar. If you want one of these rings please contact Jesse.
First Cabin Quality all the way!!!

Oh so close I can't wait to see these babies!!!

And here we are folks with 2 rings from 2 manufacturers and it's tough to tell them apart!
To think that this is the first real decent thing I've made on the Pocket NC!!!
Kudo's to Gary Swank Jewelers and his posh style of delivering quality goods!

Friday, May 6, 2016

A Collaborative Work In Process

I've been fortunate to work with to get Desk Proto running on the 5 Axis mill. Gary's started his first business in 1973 and incorporated his Jewelry business in 1985. He uses and a 4 Axis mill. We worked to get a post processor working for the Pocket NC. Then we did some initial testing and comparison cuts. We used Gary's proven settings from Desk Proto. Here are some results...
These wax rings are used in the Lost Wax Casting process
Wax Ring Cut Test - Top is Gary Swanks - Bottom is Randy Kopf's
Cast Rings prior to finishing

I'll post a photo here of the finished rings after polish.

Mitee-Grip Plate for Pocket NC

Mitee-Grip is a special way to hold parts and machine them without the traditional clamps. This special version is designed for use with the Pocket NC.
Fusion 360 CAM  Tool Path for the KOPF PNC Mitee-Grip Plate

KOPF-PNC Mitee-Grip Unit ready to use on the Pocket NC
It allows cutting 3D Relief parts without cutting into the actual table
This is what you can cut on this unit. If you look close you can see the tool cut to the Mitee-Grip Mesh Adhesive layer without actually hitting that actual table. The part is held entirely in place by the Mitee-Grip adhesive. Allowing the part to be cut without typical clamps.
What is important to understand is this brass part is cut free yet still held in place waiting for removal. And the machine table was never actually touched with a cutter.