Sunday, April 10, 2016

Busy making this Machining Foundation...

Work holding coming for Pocket NC

KOPF PNC Fixture System

I've been hard at work on my spare time designing this fixture interface for the Pocket NC. Expect to see real parts in action soon and more features!

KOPF PNC Fixture System - Partial Concept Shown

KOPF PNC Keyless Chuck - Perfect for Ring Machining

Workholding is always a challenge for machining. This design is a similar concept to the PNC Vise supplied with the Pocket NC. But this expands the entire table into a work holding system. It's easy to adjust the location to accept any size work piece. And it can clamp pretty much any shape stock square, rectangle, round or oblique. Inside and Outside force. It's simple to relocate these clamps anywhere on the table. 

Ring Blank on KOPF PNC Fixture Plate
(Note Drive Axis Labels, Oops Z label was on backwards I've since fixed that haha)
This is going to be used with Desk Proto Software.


I have access to a sweet Machine Shop thanks to my friends at Directed Energy. I've benn hanging out here after my day job. I'm using Fusion 360 CAM. I set up a system to make the manufacturing of these components fairly easy. 
DE Machine Shop