Saturday, March 19, 2016

Welcome to Desktop Artisans Blog!

We are here to master of a few worthy things...

The intent of this site is to offer insight: To blend select art forms with the use of with the latest technologies all to make extraordinary things. While there will be a heavy interest in quality jewelry making it's not limited to just that.

Typically with various art forms there are subject matter experts. They stick to their area of expertise. This is a place where that tradition will be broken!

Expect to see many methods using various media types. You will find tips and help, And worthy links to educate yourself properly. This site is all about Self Education. Learning about Complimentary Software is another key aspect. Starting with an Artist Sketch will be in the mix. Establishing a Project Plan will be emphasized.  Creating a Work Flow will be another. And Basic Design Elements will be addressed. CNC Machining will be shown. Chasing and Repousse is another, Bright Cut Engraving as well. And not necessarily limited to metal. Other manufacturing methods like PMC and Advanced Kiln-Work, with metal, glass and and Cloisonne Enameling will be in the mix as well. 3D Scanning plus 3D Printing, and a heavy emphasis on Ring Making, who knows what else?

The goal here is not to be some "Jack of All Trades, Master of none". It's about finding the right overlap of art and technology, to make some remarkable things that have not been made before, that needs to be made!

For those that follow along, we say let the universe inspire us like never before!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and or Thanks for visiting us!

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