Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Going to the Santa Fe Symposium

Well I am pretty excited I get to attend this incredible symposium. I made a request to attend by scholarship. And I just got confirmation yesterday my application was accepted!!! I feel relieved and challenged haha. What is amazing about this conference is Rio Grande for the past 30 years has been hosting this symposium and they bring experts in from around the globe with incredible topics. Each are pushing the edge on this incredible industry. The cool thing is all the white papers of past presentations are available to download free to anyone. And they include some incredible concepts and information :-)

Part of my request included a few ideas I have that are from an outsider perspective. And they could become game changers in how a few of the key materials are processed. One is for Mokume Gane for ring making and another is using the most amazing in a way that's never been used. So I'm really looking forward to what I will come back here to share an update after the event is over.

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